YES Central Finland

YES is an entrepreneurship education service for teachers. It provides training in entrepreneurship education and services for developing entrepreneurship in schools and establishing school-business networks. YES services are available in 19 regions in Finland.
More information:
YES – a National Network for Entrepreneurship Education (a website)
YES – a National Network for Entrepreneurship Education (a brochure)

YES Central Finland (YES Keski-Suomi) organizes events, seminars, and training programs regionally and participates in the development of curricula and strategies. YES Central Finland services are available for teachers in all educational levels and organisations in Central Finland.

The development of entrepreneurship education and pedagogy has been one of the focal points of cooperation between educational organizations in Central Finland. This development work is currently moving to a more transnational platform. This website of YES Central Finland provides some information and material about our regional entrepreneurship models and work.

The activities of ”The Solid, Complete Path of Entrepreneurship Education” – Entrepreneurship Education Network in Central Finland are coordinated by YES Central Finland administrated by Jyväskylä Educational Consortium.

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YES rakentaa tulevaisuutta, jossa jokaisella nuorella
on mahdollisuus yrittäjyyskasvatukseen.